Fifty years ago, Truck-Lite began with an ingenious idea that sparked a revolution in truck and trailer safety lighting.

Tackling the problem of shortened lamp life, Truck-Lite designed the first sealed marker lamp.
Starting out of a quality-controlled kitchen sink, Truck-Lite transformed vehicle lighting, and established their roots as the industry’s leading innovator now creating a wide array of products including LED spot lights,  LED work lighting and many other innovative products.


50Since its inception, Truck-Lite has experienced significant growth, a
nd has continued to reinforce its image with creative and quality products. Soon after the first marker lamp Truck-Lite created the industry’s first sealed stop, turn and tail lamps. The leak-free lamp decreased the defects normally caused from water and chemical damage to bulbs.


progressionTruck-Lite Co., Inc. grew as an innovative and trustworthy company through the years, constantly improving products, and continuing to find better ways to produce safety lighting. Truck-Lite continued on, creating the first lamps in the industry with bulbs cradled in protective shock mounts. Protecting the fragile filaments from the rugged vibration encountered in the trucks of the day, this innovation is strongly utilized throughout the market even today.


sealedThrough continued advanced such as the first sealed wiring harness, Truck-Lite’s technological advances were greeted with enthusiasm by the marketplace, and helped Truck-Lite grow to become a major supplier to the trucking industry.

March 2002

signalstatIn March 2002, Truck-Lite acquired the assets of Signal-Stat Lighting Products, gaining additional manufacturing processes for sealed and bulb-replaceable lighting, turn signal switches, emergency lighting, and vehicle safety accessories.

November 2004

ferMore recently, in November 2004, Truck-Lite acquired FER Fahrzeugelektrik of Eisenach, Germany. FER is a manufacturer of motor vehicle component parts with facilities around the world, with products including interior and exterior lighting and a variety of other products such as electroluminescent panels. FER has manufacturing facilities in Poland , Belarus , Spain , and Mexico . It strengthens Truck-Lite’s global presence in Europe , Asia , and Latin America .

Customer Focus

newsfrontAs a result of Truck-Lite’s customer driven manufacturing approach to providing the highest quality lighting, wire harnesses, mirrors, turn signal switches, and accessory products to the transportation industry, nearly 70% of the nation’s top 200 fleets specify Truck-Lite as standard equipment on their vehicles. OEM’s in trucking and the automotive industry look to Truck-Lite for innovative ideas. Fleets and owner-operators know Truck-Lite will last for the long haul.


productsAt Truck-Lite, we think two of our most distinguishing traditions are innovation and quality. They extend worldwide. They have continued since the Company’s inception, as the people of Truck-Lite lead innovation from the era of bulb replaceable metal lights through totally sealed and shock-resistant polycarbonate lights; from separate wires and lights to custom designed wire/harness systems; from bulbs with filaments to light emitting diodes (LEDs); from standard “off-the shelf” mirrors to custom-designed safety mirror systems.


products3Today, the leader in truck lighting is fast becoming the leading “See and Be Seen®” company. Truck-Lite is pursuing a more comprehensive approach to vehicle safety without losing sight of its founding principles: quality and innovation. Plans are in place for even more significant visibility systems “From the Front of the Truck to the Rear of the Trailer.” Truck-Lite’s engineers are hard at work on the safety systems of tomorrow.

Industry Innovations


Completely sealed all plastic lamp


Shock-cradle, baseless bulbs to eliminate spring loaded bulb sockets


Independant ground wiring system


Lamps equipped with 15,000 hour long life bulbs


Extended written warranty


Completely sealed, shock-mounted multi function lamps

10 Load

Electronic 10 load flashers with 5-year written warranty


“E” mark approved sealed shock mounted lamp for use in Europe


Sealed wiring harness system


LED stop, Turn and Tail lighting products


White LED Licence, Dome and Backup Lamps


Lifetime Lighting & Harness Systems Warranty


Single Diode Stop, Turn & Tail Lamps


First LED Mini Marker Clearance Lamp