Quality Policy

PoliciesTruck-Lite is committed to meet the expectations of our customers through innovative product design, manufacture and service at a reasonable cost.

Quality Objective

  • The Quality Policy is supported by the three Quality Objectives:
  • Provide quality products and service
  • With on-time delivery
  • Continuously improve all aspects of the business to reduce costs and provide value to the customer

Environmental Policies

  •  Truck-Lite designs, manufactures and distributes vehicular safety lighting and visibility products. The management system and the policy provide the framework for setting and reviewing the goals.
  • Comply with all Federal, State and Local environmental and health laws and regulations
  • Continual improvement and prevention of pollution
  • Protecting our environment

Conflict Mineral Statement

Truck-Lite Co., LLC is committed to being a responsible corporate citizen in all aspects of our business.

Therefore, we will support Section 1502 of the Dodd-Frank Act relating to “Conflict Minerals” (tin, tantalum, tungsten, and gold) produced in and around the Democratic Republic of the Congo, which may be funding armed groups engaged in the exploitation of individuals and resources. Truck-Lite will work with our supply chain and undertake reasonable efforts to determine the source of any Conflict Minerals supplied to us. As we receive additional information from our vendors, we will share the information with our customers upon their request.  

OLDTLIt was in the early 1950’s that George Baldwin caught wind of a need for better truck lighting. Early mounted safety lights had a horrible history of breaking due to leakage past the lamp lens. In an attempt to better product and reduce truck fleets’ costs, Baldwin began buying parts from other companies, and took a stab at producing a high quality,more cost-efficient safety lamp.

While purchasing plastic mounts and lenses from Sylvania, Baldwin bought baseless bulbs from GE. He then began mounting the two in the kitchen of his home. He created a seal between the lens and housing using eyedroppers and syringes. Baldwin used a solution that broke down the materials, melting the components together. The completed project was his first attempt at improving the life of a truck lamp.

Upon seeing his new finished product, Freuhauf, a trailer manufacturer, decided to buy Baldwin’s product. The leak-free lamp decreased the defects normally caused from water and chemical damage to bulbs. The sales, however, became overwhelming for a single man to produce, so Baldwin brought on a few friends and neighbors. Baldwin had them putting together the lamps at their own kitchen tables. They would stop by to pick up the raw pieces, and would come back later to drop off the finished product. Baldwin’s house turned into a laboratory, with his kitchen sink taking on the responsibility of a leak-testing center. Running tests of hot and cold water submersion, Baldwin developed a testing procedure to reduce occurrence and damage from leakage. His operations were homegrown, but the results proved innovative to the market.

With the quality and innovation he built his business on, Baldwin eventually moved his operation into a factory, and Truck-Lite Co. as we know it was born.

Building upon George Baldwin’s homegrown idea of quality truck lights, Truck-Lite Co., Inc. grew as an innovative and trustworthy company. Constantly improving products, they continued to find better ways to produce safety lighting.

A problem fleet owners ran into was the constant vibration of the bulbs within the lamp. The bulbs were being damaged due to the rigorous movement of the truck. That is when Truck-Lite instituted the shock-mounted bulb feature in it’s lamps. The shock-mount was a way to put a suspension unit in to the lamp to mount the bulb. While the shock unit absorbed much of the vibration, the bulb wasn’t as susceptible as before, and became less likely to break.

Development expanded by leaps and bounds for Truck-Lite as the years passed. It was Truck-Lite’s LED Stop/Turn/Tail lamp that paved the way for the usage of LED lighting in the industry. Truck-Lite’s LEDs emit light while using much less power than a standard incandescent bulb. More importantly, they carry a life span of up to 100,000 hours.

Truck-Lite’s track record for innovation hasn’t stopped there. We have since developed new lights for different locations and purposes, from shock-mounted lights to baseless bulbs, plastic lamps, mechanical grounds, vibration welding to sonic welding, and products using 15,000 hour bulbs. Lets not forget the first sealed wire harness systems, the first extended warranty, the first US company with full E marking type approval in Europe, and now, the largest family of LED lights available.

Our products have been copied time and time again – but our quality has never been met. Truck-Lite remains as the front runner in safety light innovation.

Truck-Lite believes in sharing its knowledge and participating with other corporations in the continuing education and development of technology associated with our industry.

Truck-Lite is pleased to be an active participant in the following trade organizations:

APAA (Automotive Parts & Accessories Association) – View Site

APAA (Mexican/Latin American Council)

APTA (Atlantic Providences Trucking Association) – View Site

ATA (American Trucking Association) – View Site

AUSA (Association of the United States Army) – View Site

CTEA (Canadian Truck Equipment Association) – View Site

CVSN (Commercial Vehicle Solutions Network) – View Site

ETMC (European Transport Maintenance Council) HDMA (Heavy-Duty Manufacturers Association) – View Site

IANA (Intermodal Association of North America) – View Site

ICSA (International Customer Service Association) – View Site

MEMA (Motor & Equipment Manufacturers Association) – View Site

NAST (National Association of Show Trucks) – View Site

NATM (National Association of Trailer Manufacturers) – View Site

NMMA (National Marine Manufacturers Association) – View Site

NPTC (National Private Truck Council) – View Site

NTEA (National Truck Equipment Association) – View Site

NTTC (National Tank Truck Carriers) – View Site

PMTC (Private Motor Vehicle Council of Canada) – View Site

PRBC (Pacific Rim Business Council) – View Site

SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) – View Site

SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association) – View Site

TMC (Technology & Maintenance Council) – View Site

TRALA (Truck Renting and Leasing Association) – View Site

TSEI (Transportation Safety Equipment Institute) – View Site

TTMA (Truck Trailer Manufacturers Association) – View Site

TWNA (Truck Writer’s of North America) – View Site

When Truck-Lite developed the first plastic sealed lighting product, it was history in the making.

From that humble beginning, Truck-Lite has grown to become the world’s largest supplier of LED, sealed, bulb replaceable, and polycarbonate lamps and harness systems to the transportation industry. Many companies have the technology, production equipment and manufacturing techniques to produce quality products. But what sets Truck-Lite apart from the competition is their desire to be the best, and make the best. Computer-aided design, engineering, process planning and manufacturing systems interface to assure Truck-Lite’s customers the most efficient designs and cost-effective production processes. By capitalizing on these capabilities, Truck-Lite’s competitive edge becomes even sharper by streamlining lead times, assuring the highest quality and delivering world class value on all products. Truck-Lite’s reputation for innovative excellence is the standard with customers. Truck-Lite’s people and plants have won Ford’s Q1 Preferred Suppliers Quality Award, Chrysler’s Preferred Supplier and awards from GM, Volvo, Navistar, PACCAR and Mack Trucks. In our drive to produce the best, Truck-Lite will continue to take a leading role in developing new manufacturing processes.

Our capabilities include:

  •  plastic injection molding (with robotic capability)
  •  insert molding (manual and robotic)
  •  manual, semi-automatic and automatic degating
  •  manual and semi-automatic painting
  •  UV stabilization coating of plastic lenses
  •  vacuum metallizing
  •  vibration welding
  •  sonic welding
  •  hot staking
  •  hot/cold upset hot platen welding
  •  riveting
  •  soldering
  •  5-axis robotic adhesive application
  •  plastic annealing
  •  general assembly
  •  and final assembly
  •  hot stamping
  •  pad printing
  •  pressure decay testing
  •  automatic functional testing
  •  wire termination
  •  electronic assembly
  •  potting
  •  wire
  •  harness molding

Building the highest quality products requires testing the product in conditions far worse than what mother nature or human hands can put it through.

Our laboratory and test facility has all the equipment necessary to certify products for local, state, federal and international standards. But the Truck-Lite laboratory team doesn’t stop there. They have their own standards, requiring the product to be extra reliable. Our testing capabilities include shock and vibration; electrical development; environmental; photometry; D.O.T. certification and international.

Equipment Includes

  • LDS Shaker System SAE J577
  • Vibrator Testers Oscilloscopes
  • Capacitance Meters Function and Pulse Generators
  • Logic Probe
  • Chrysler PF-4088 Ford ES-EIEB-1275-AA
  • Static and Air Circulating Ovens
  • ASTMB117 Salt Fog Chamber Melt Index
  • Vibration Fatigue Analysis
  • Integrated Spherical Bulb Calibration
  • Photomicrography
  • New Product Introduction.
  • Millivolt Drop
  • Cincinnati Sub Zero Environmental Chambers
  • Tristimulus and Spectroradiometric Color Measurement
  • Two 100 Foot Computerized Photometry Test Ranges

As an innovator in the transportation safety lighting industry, Truck-Lite engineers have the ability to combine unique ideas and advanced technology into innovative and superior products. And, along the way, Truck-Lite built a reputation for uncompromising quality.

The Truck-Lite development facilities consist of design and research engineering; product and manufacturing engineering; and a corporate laboratory. This R&D team works together with our customers to bring a product from concept, through design and testing, into final production. Sophisticated CAD/CAM systems allow rapid three (3) dimensional modeling and design. State-of-the-art software allow mold flow, mold cool and finite element analysis that ensures accurate detailed design techniques. With the development of a New Product Introduction Process Guide, cost effective product designs are assured for every level of production. The result is a highly reliable design consistent with the manufacturing processes to be used. And since design and styling are primary considerations with many of our customers, our product engineering will work individually with you…answer technical questions…develop conceptual designs and maintain the ability to provide rapid prototyping. The Truck-Lite engineering team has the discipline and the technologies to apply ideas to products that fit your imagination and your needs.

Program management tools

  • New product introduction
  • Design tools (CAD systems)


  •  PDGS
  • Unigraphics
  • Development tools

Mold-flow analysis software

  • Rapid prototyping
  • 3-D modeling
  • Stereolithography (partnership)
  • In-house R&D model shop capable of providing aluminum molds off of state-of-the-art equipment computer numerical controlled (CNC).

Truck-Lite Co., Inc. has traveled the transportation lighting highway for over 50 years. Over this period Truck-Lite has developed many distinctive qualities.

Our fleet customers look to us for innovative ideas. Owner/operators know our products will last for the long haul. And the automotive industry chooses us for advanced technology focused on rapid change.
But we think our most distinguishing trait is a tradition of quality through engineering excellence. The pursuit of quality extends company wide. And has continued in every subsequent decade as the people of Truck-Lite continue to lead the lighting evolution from bulb replaceable metal lights to totally sealed and shock-resistant plastic lights; from wires and lights to custom designed wire/harness systems; from bulbs with filaments to LED’s (light emitting diodes) that last a lifetime.This tradition of innovation is supported today by significant capital investment in people, equipment and facilities. Through Advanced Quality Planning, Total Quality Management and Continuous Process Improvement programs, our customers will be assured our products and systems will continue to meet the highest standards of the industry — ours! As the next century hovers on the horizon, the people at Truck-Lite welcome it with the passion of new technology…brighter innovations…and the challenge of working for the highest level of quality. The Truck-Lite name says a lot. Our reputation speaks even louder. But our people say it all. We’re the best!