Truck-Lite design and manufacture a wide variety of LED lighting and vehicle lighting systems that have an application across a wide spectrum of vehicles and uses, not just for trucks.

Vehicle lighting is just one part of what Truck-Lite offers, our extensive range of products cover construction and area lighting, flood lighting and safety lighting.  So whether you are inside a vehicle, or outside, you can always see and be seen.


Truck-Lite was initially set up to provide all lighting requirements specifically for vehicles in the Military and has had years of experience to perfect their products. Military vehicles need the toughest LED lights on the market. They are designed and built to cope with all manner of environments and situations. They are not only tough to withstand knocks received during combat or from travelling over rough terrain but they are also designed with waterproof housings to make sure they can withstand even the most hazardous weather conditions.


carsTruck-Lite products for cars are designed with all your visibility needs in mind. When driving at night or during bad weather conditions safety is of the utmost importance, to be able to see the road clearly and be seen by other vehicles is vital.  Our specially designed LED lights are able to cover more of the road, enabling you to see further and more clearly, allow your vehicle to be easy to spot for other road users and to withstand any weather conditions.


consWhilst working on construction sites there are many important factors to consider for your vehicle.  From bulldozers to compact excavators it is crucial to be able to see what you are doing to allow optimum performance and safety whilst on site.  Truck-lite LED lights allow you to be able to see your work area more clearly, this allows other workers see you more clearly allowing for a safer, more productive working environment regardless of the time of day or weather conditions.


bikesWhilst riding a motorbike safety for the rider is of the utmost importance. It is, of course, absolutely vital that you are visible to other road users at all times.  Truck-Lite LED lights for Motorbikes make this a whole lot easier. Not only are they suitable for use in any weather conditions in their specially designed waterproof housing but most importantly they allow you to see and be seen from a greater distance, making travelling on our busy roads much safer.


agWhilst using agricultural vehicles and equipment there are a few factors more important than being able to clearly see your surroundings. Whether it is a tractor, combine harvester or bale mover you need to be able to use your vehicle in any weather condition and at any time of day or night to allow for more productivity and efficiency in your working environment. This is exactly what Truck lite had in mind when developing LED lights for agricultural machinery and vehicles. They allow you to see clearly at night, are suitable in even the most difficult weather conditions and are able to cover a large working area, giving a far safer environment for you and your workers, and allows you to get the job done quicker.


recTruck-Lite also supply LED lighting for recreational vehicles. The waterproof and tough build quality is easily enough to cope with driving over the roughest terrain. These lights will illuminate your path clearly that whether you are driving through a forest at night or cruising sand dunes in the desert you will be able to see any obstacle in your path.  This allows you to be secure knowing you have the best lighting to keep you safe whilst on your adventures.

And of course, trucks

trucksTruck-Lite LED lights are the closest LED light on the market to replicate daylight which means you reduce your risk of tiredness and fatigue whilst driving long distances. This gives you increased productivity, and risk reduction whilst on the road. The lights are designed so you can see long distances and width, so you can spot a potential hazard quicker and give yourself more time to react.

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