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  • Robust LED dome light w/ motion sensor located in center of light to power light on
  • Movement is determined by changes in heat, stays on through five minutes of inactivity
  • Recognises movement up to three meters away from light surface
  • Nearly flush mount design, with only 2.54mm protrusion to allow more room in vehicle body
  • Not affected by cold temperatures, providing flicker-free lighting with a faster start-up time. Retrofit or replacement is quick & easy
  • Ideal for refrigerated vehicles or those operating in cold weather
  • LEDs provide whiter, brighter light rated at 1,000 lumens, providing clearer, improved visibility
  • Solid-state LED design is impervious to damage from shock and vibration
  • Retrofit or replacement is quick and easy, with a standard 40.7cm x 10.1cm cut-out necessary for installation
  • LEDs are fully encapsulated in epoxy to prevent damage caused by moisture and corrosives


  • Die cast aluminum housing
  • White powder coat finish
  • Polycarbonate lens
  • Weight : <1kg
  • Harness length : 15.24cm, .180 bullet terminals with 14 AWG SXL wire

Light Source:

  • 10 white light emitting diodes
  • Operating voltage : 7V-16V
  • Current draw : 2A
  • Power consumption : 22Watt @ 11v

Part No. – 80255C

Description – Clear light

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